7 juli | Gratis live webinar met nieuwe activatie RISE - janosh.com

7 juli | Gratis live webinar met nieuwe activatie RISE


Let the energy rumble through your body during webinars by Janosh

Each month a webinar is given by Janosh with a specific theme. These webinars are followed worldwide by thousands of participants. With an average number of 3500 people, a very powerful field of energy is created. Would you like to experience such a boost of energy? If so, then enroll here.

The new activation RISE

High vibrational energy is energy that is good and strong. This energy is pure, and it can come from whatever you want to call it—source energy, universe energy, God energy. On the flip side, a low vibration energy is dark and dense and feels heavy  and It’s often associated with negative emotions such as suffering, fear, and anger.


Based on this intel, then, the term “raise your vibration,” reflects that you have a self-awareness of your thoughts and emotions. able to recognize when you’re in a low vibration emotion (like jealousy or grief) and do something to shift yourself into a high-vibration emotional state (such as joy, gratitude, or peacefulness).

Let’s connect to together to raise our frequency together to a high vibration and create magic.

THURSDAY 7 JULY 2022 | 9pm Amsterdam (21:00hr)

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