2. Februar 2018

Frequency of the week: INNOCENCE

Playing like a child, so free. We all recognize it when we look back upon our youth. Gradually we develop programs that take away our sense of freedom. We are afraid to fail, to loose, to dream and to say what is on our mind. Where we previously saw no danger at all, we now protect ourselves against all types of possible risks.

The innocence of a child proves that we humans have acquired behavior patterns that make us feel that we don’t want to play anymore. However, playfulness is the basis of the process of creation, because to create what we really want, we need to go through life playfully.

The frequency of Innocence brings you back to the feelings you had as a child: pure, sincere and playful, without inhibitions, insecurities, fears or doubts.

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Irina Jatsenko
Irina Jatsenko 9. Februar 2018 17:32

🌸💜🌸 Невинність — це легкість на серці, радість в душі, промениста посмішка, веселий сміх. І почуття безтурботного щастя... Щиро дякую Вам, Маестро, за море позитивних почуттів та емоцій!🌼💖🌈🌟✨🌹🌞💐👼💕

??????? ???????? 4. Februar 2018 14:06


Paul Yarmuchevskij
Paul Yarmuchevskij 3. Februar 2018 20:33