12. Januar 2018

Frequency of the week | SYNERGY

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This relates particularly to the way in which our brains work. We usually approach everything from one side, without looking at the other side. Everyday subjects at home and at work ask you to think by logical reason (left hand side of the brain), while private matters respond more to your feelings and emotions (right hand side of the brain).

So we are trained to use either one or the other side of the brain. The pure way to create is to connect both sides together. Bring your feelings into line with your intellect to enable you to get the best possible result from your creative powers.

The frequency of Synergy helps the left and the right side of the brain to work together more efficiently.

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Irina Jatsenko
Irina Jatsenko 14. Januar 2018 21:57

🌸💜🌸 Коли я дивлюся на цій код, то відчуваю спокій, ніжність, гармонію, умиротворення... Щиро дякую Вам, Маестро, за чудові энергії! 💝☀️💜☀️💖☀️👼💕

Nonna Leshkovich 13. Januar 2018 21:09


??????? ???????? 13. Januar 2018 18:11