2. Februar 2018


In this week of INNOCENCE it is important to allow your inner child to come to the surface. The child that wants to play, discover and enjoy. The child that has disappeared into the background because of all the experiences in the past. Make contact with your inner child, so you can accept where you are now. Enjoy the journey inside and start playing again.

Why meditate?

Meditation is excellent to give yourself a feeling of being in balance. It gives the mind time to re-charge and the body to rest and relax. During this meditation it will be very advantageous to take time on a regular basis for this, not only to absorb all the new experiences but more important to allow yourself to be in charge of your energy.

Take the time!

Listening to the meditation takes approximately a quarter of an hour with relaxing music and Janosh will take you step by step into a state of Being. Take some time around the meditation to digest and let the energy feed the inner child.

I hope you enjoy this mediation and share your experience with us.

From heart to heart,


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Lena Yurovskikh 8. Februar 2018 22:53

Очень жаль, что нет перевода на русский язык.

Irina Jatsenko
Irina Jatsenko 8. Februar 2018 22:03

🎉🌟🌹🕊 My inner child wants to be free, wants to dance, sing, laugh, enjoy life and be happy! Heartfelt thanks for this wonderful meditation! 🦋💖🤗💐👼💕

Miomi Pront 6. Februar 2018 20:53

dag lief bijzonder mens die ons de weg naar ons innerlijk kind terug wijst;waar ik als een koesterend licht mezelf in mijn hart zag zitten als mijn eigen kind ..warm intiem veilig.. ..dank je.

Angela Dol 6. Februar 2018 16:19

Fijn om te doen.

Dominique 6. Februar 2018 10:50

Dankjewel Janosh, deze meditatie had ik net nodig :)

Tamara Nefedova 3. Februar 2018 20:03

Раньше текстом шел перевод, было очень удобно тем, кто не владеет анлийским. Жаль, что нет такой возможности сейчас