The Shamanic Nature of God | RETREAT IN MONTSERRAT 21 – 24 March 2024

Janosh takes you on a Journey that starts in the NOW, continues with you remembering The Path of Your Soul and activates Your Higher Self.
The reunion with your Higher Self and your Soul in the spiritual heart of Catalonia! 

You probably know the word: a retreat. But to be perfectly honest this does not even begin to do justice to the idea of what we are going to do. On March 21st 2024, in a sacred place, on one of the most important and mysterious mountains in Catalonia, in a monastery in Montserrat, there will be a get-together. Janosh is going to dive, together with you, into the heart of the The Shamanic Nature of God  – 13 Healing Traditions Activated for Chakra Wellness. The monastery in Montserrat is seen as a place of pilgrimage. The sacredness is dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat and is built around the statue of the Virgin Mary in the Santa Cova cave.

Embark on a mystical journey of transformation with Janosh’s upcoming retreat, “The Shamanic Nature of God: 13 Healing Traditions Activated for Chakra Wellness.” Join us in a sacred space where the energies of 13 ancient shamans converge with the power of 13 chakras, creating a unique and profound experience. Immerse yourself in the harmonious dance of sacred geometry, as each activation resonates with a specific chakra, guided by the wisdom of these revered shamans. Uncover the secrets of your energy centers, align your spiritual essence, and let the ancient healing traditions awaken your soul. Are you ready to embrace the profound energies of the universe and unlock the hidden potential within? 

We can’t honestly think of a better place, to share with you sacred activations, meditations and rituals together with you, make an inner pilgrimage in which we will renew and heal our lives. The program has been made up in such a way that you can talk about an incredible experience. We do this with the group in the room of the monastery and stay in the adjacent hotel. A hotel that also has an excellent kitchen and comfortable rooms.

We arrive on Thursday and we start with a powerful ritual. Make the journey within and meet your true self, the Authentic You, who does not doubt, does not judge, but knows that everything is going according to plan and in between visits the sacred places for deepening and meditations. 

On Sunday evening you probably don’t want to go home after wonderful days, but the bus will take you back to the airport. If you want you can stay longer or stick to Barcelona for a few more days.

Thursday 21 March – Sunday 24 March 2024 
Montserrat, Spain
999 euro

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