Sometimes you feel something happen inside where the only thing you can do is take action. A deep desire within is touched and you just have to do something about it. It cannot wait, the feeling is so strong! Suddenly all the feelings of fear, doubt and uncertainty disappear.

It feels as if you awaken from a deep sleep, as if something or someone is forcing you to do what you came here to do. It is important that you take these inspirations seriously, because it means that you are reminded of your calling. Small things, such as a conversation, a piece of music or something that you receive through the media or your surroundings, can prompt it. Seize these moments to do what you have to do. Your soul is screaming for movement, so get going! Don’t postpone anything until tomorrow, because this is what you have been waiting for.

The frequency of Calling brings you in contact with the higher purpose in your life.

I immediately do the things that give me energy.

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Agnus Hansen April 26, 2016 at 10:19 PM

Dear Janosh, beautiful beautiful art, and I am an artist myself, a new one though, only been creating art for maybe 4years now

I wished I could share your art on my spiritual blog, but doesn't seem you have a license or them freely available

would love to share a small version on my blog in 400x300 size or such, to bring love to people

with a link back to you, so you get an exchange back of course, always respect people you know :)

hope you will create a license for your art one day, all your art resonates strongly
my blog i

one thing though, I'm not fond of using facebook, and being forced to use facebook to write msgs on your blog ;)
I like things that are completely optional, freedom respecting. The basic design of facebook is not freedom respecting. It forces you to register to talk to people/see groups, it is closed from the internet.

It is very unlucky if it becomes the new standard and blog owners force people to have a Facebook, to write, everywhere on net
from news media, to private blogs

Suddenly I am forced to give my personal data, to facebook

If I want to use the internet

I hope you will take it up... I know you want freedom
Check out disqus.... I use that on my blog, but there is also wordpress comment system

Disqus is the easiest, fastest. Wordpress is easiest for your readers (no forced registration)

A beautiful user experience is part of the beauty the artist creates
Beauty is freedom

If you one day allow your pics to be used on other blog pages, please send me a msg, would love to use a few + link back
other artists like Alex grey do allow this. A license that says you may max use image in 600x480 size and provide a link back
this does not take the food from the table of the artist, but spreads love and awareness
also he has a rule no more than 1 pic
also well thought through..... , we dont want Art to become mainstream and dead...

art should keep being unique...

so you could maybe make similar license one day?

I want to make such a license for my own art... sounds cool. 1 image max per blog page or such.

But every artist is different. No rules may even be needed... depends on your calling from Source

Thanks for wonderful art that inspired... they all did, hard to pick one.. Rebirth, Calling, Patience, and a few more , but those 3 really did.... feel close to my calling, and on/off due to severe illness