You are being prepared for a meeting with your soul relatives. These are people who, in the first instance, seem to have little in common with you, but those with whom you subconsciously have made an appointment. Your meeting is predetermined. It is just a case of the right timing. 

When the meeting happens, you feel a connection that you probably cannot understand. You really want a reason for it, but you cannot find it on the surface. Just remember that the reason why you are meeting will become apparent only if you have trust in making the connection, without placing any conditions. There is something magical that had brought you together – this has always been destiny. Not wanting to understand; the key lies in not knowing. 

The frequency of Reunification helps you to release fear and blockages that might be standing in the way of you meeting your soul relatives.

I open myself for my soul relatives.

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Marie-Therese Fober October 28, 2017 at 4:20 PM

Waaw.... deze geeft mij energie op mijn thymus en keel chakra. Hoe langer ik kijk hoe meer verlangen er door me heen gaat. Zo gevoel van hèhè....... eindelijk daar ben je dan. Alsof ik op deze code heb gewacht. Bizar!
Een prachtige code!