Sense of Security

Feeling secure is priceless and something that will sustain us for a lifetime. We look for it in others; the network of your friends, family and relationships offer a guaranteed safety net, making you feel secure. However, if we set ourselves too many boundaries, we often disregard ourselves. Even if we feel that certain relationships cost us a lot of effort, we are still prepared to submit to the wishes of others.

We do not want to lose that special feeling of security. This way we live our lives outside ourselves, attached to the people who surround us. It is not necessary to make every social contact into a social commitment, especially if you are looking for something which is already within you.

The frequency of Sense of Security brings you closer to yourself, so you do not need anybody else to experience the feeling of security.

I need only myself to feel safe.

A 'treasure' is what Janosh calls this Box; and he succeeded!

This Energy Box with 123 cards is the tool to inspire yourself and others. It contains the most of Janosh's codes; each one has its own title, description, blueprint and frequency. The geometric patterns help you to make contact with your subconscious and to speed up each personal process, whether it's about growth, processing, letting go or taking action. Use the cards every day to discover who you are, where you are and where you want to go.

Where this box differs from the other sets, is the combination of the image on the front and the energetic silver code on the back. This ensures that the cards are extremely suitable for use by therapists, coaches and people who perform energetic work. This enables them to reach their clients at a much deeper level. The silver codes represent conductors allowing an energetic exchange. The one who is giving makes contact with the silver code whilst the one who is receiving focuses on the middle of the code. All the codes are connected to the Platonic Solids. Each platonic body/element gives you extra information about your purpose, pitfall and challenge, connected to your code.

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Sebastien Gagnon September 19, 2016 at 10:10 PM

Amazing picture!.
I want to ask you if its available in pdf to print more larger to put that in the beautiful frame.
It will be an awesome piece of art !!!
Thanks for your info.

Chris Scheipers September 16, 2016 at 6:01 PM

GEBORGENHEID... ik hoorde vorige week iemand zeggen 'ik zou uit mijn koffer kunnen leven'. Ze bedoelde: thuis heeft ze niet veel nodig, maar ze zou op elk moment op reis kunnen vertrekken. Nou voor mij zou dit niet werken. Ik heb het comfort en de geborgenheid van mijn thuis heel erg nodig. En dan geldt dit zowel voor mijn woning als voor de mensen rondom mij. Dit houdt gelijk in dat ik weinig tijd voor mezelf 'opeis'. Ook door voorbeeld en opvoeding vanuit mijn jeugd werd tijd voor jezelf niet op de eerste plaats gezet. Hoe juist zijn de kaarten die je zgn 'toevallig' trekt. Het is telkens weer een spiegel die je helpt of een item waar je moet aan werken. Komt zeker goed in MANIFESTATIE.