Have you ever wondered why you are never completely yourself? Why is it, that every situation requires a different role? It  can be quite tiring if the outside world requires you to be someone you’d rather not be, but above all it is frustrating when in the meantime you try hard to discover who you are. Please realise that this is where you lose a lot of energy.

To fluctuate between two worlds makes you indecisive and susceptible for external influences. Stop, listen and take a look at yourself. Who you are, is less relevant than knowing who you are not! All qualities you have received as a human being, are part of a mask; name, descent, character, etc. You don’t need to rid yourself of these, as long as you understand why you wear this mask. It is the protection you  need in order to function in this world. However, make sure your mask doesn’t blind you but remember that you, an all-knowing soul, are behind the mask.

The frequency of Unmasking helps you to remember that you are wearing a mask, which you can put on or take off when you want to.

I dare to be different from what is considered normal.

A 'treasure' is what Janosh calls this Box; and he succeeded!

This Energy Box with 123 cards is the tool to inspire yourself and others. It contains the most of Janosh's codes; each one has its own title, description, blueprint and frequency. The geometric patterns help you to make contact with your subconscious and to speed up each personal process, whether it's about growth, processing, letting go or taking action. Use the cards every day to discover who you are, where you are and where you want to go.

Where this box differs from the other sets, is the combination of the image on the front and the energetic silver code on the back. This ensures that the cards are extremely suitable for use by therapists, coaches and people who perform energetic work. This enables them to reach their clients at a much deeper level. The silver codes represent conductors allowing an energetic exchange. The one who is giving makes contact with the silver code whilst the one who is receiving focuses on the middle of the code. All the codes are connected to the Platonic Solids. Each platonic body/element gives you extra information about your purpose, pitfall and challenge, connected to your code.

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Tamara Nefedova March 26, 2016 at 10:15 AM

Очень четкое описание, а главное в точку. Помогло сфокусироваться! Благодарю!