September 10, 2017

Frequency of the week | COMPASSION

When you have overcome fear and choose the path towards your new reality, it is sometimes difficult to see that others stay behind. They are doing it the wrong way and you really want to point out their mistakes. On the other hand you cannot improve anything because someone is too stubborn or just misbehaving.

You would prefer to tell him exactly what you think, but you could provoke a fight and that is something you don’t really want. Please realise that it is not up to you to judge someone else's process. Everyone walks another path and has a different order in life. Do not try to impose your new insights upon anyone, but have compassion for the process they are undergoing.

The frequency of Compassion helps you to understand that everyone walks a different path, so that you can release your judgment of others.

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Tizhuar Jermarel September 11, 2017 at 6:51 PM

mil mil gracias, por las maravillas que nos compartes.. en lo personal, tu Arte y tu Informacion, me han sido de Vital Ayuda, para continuar mi proceso de Evolucion.... de nievo mil mil gracias