January 5, 2018

Frequency of the week | MANIFESTATION

We are often afraid to manifest the things that we really want. There is always a ‘but’ involved: ‘…I don’t have the time… I don’t have the knowledge… I do not have the means or the right people around me.’ They are just excuses. Rather a draw than a loss, so to speak.

Look at the alternative: what if you could win everything? To get everything you have ever dreamed of in one fell swoop, isn’t that worthwhile? Instead of limiting yourself, it is now time to believe that you have everything within you to manifest your dreams. Live with passion from your heart, without fear and you can really achieve anything.

The frequency of Manifestation helps you to remember that you have within you the ability to create everything you want.

Thanks to many requests we offer the Kick-start 2018 once again, specially for those who had to miss the start date of January 2nd. You can now sign up for the next start, which is on January 15, 2018 .

Explode into the New Year with power! This 8-day online workshop is your kick-start for 2018, to begin right away by planting new seeds. Every day you will receive new information for your subconscious, which will ensure for a huge drive to start up change. Janosh will give you support in between and insights to lead the energy into the right paths. Take part and launch yourself in the direction of new highlights!

Motivation from within

A ‘kick-start’ is something, which enables you to start up a process. It is the trigger to activate something big, in this instance: your creation power! Good resolutions are fine, but have little value if, after a while, you begin to fight against old patterns. Therefore, Kick-start 2018, which helps you to create from within. It is meant for everyone who no longer wants to be dependent in the New Year on external stimulation, but wants to continue to get power and motivation from within. Each day you will receive new activations and exercises to bring out the best in yourself. Whether you want to create, finalize or stop something in your life, with this workshop you automatically reach your personal drive and turning point!

The start

Kick-start 2018 is a workshop online for eight days, specially designed to begin the New Year with strength. When you enrol, you will receive a confirmation of participation and a password to log in. From the 15 January 2018 the website www.kickstart-2018.com will be officially open and then every day you can get going!


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Irina Jatsenko
Irina Jatsenko January 6, 2018 at 9:27 PM

💐💜💐Щиро дякую за натхнення, за чудовий арт-маніфест віри у свої здібності!