September 2, 2017

Frequency of the week | REVELATION

As long as the human race has existed, life is caracterized by upturns and downturns. We can only grow if there is a need for adapting to new circumstances – that is how our evolution works. Even now this is the case, more than ever before, only we refuse to see it. We think that everything is temporary and the storm of chaos will be over soon. But our optimism is not equal to the power of the media: dramatic news is spread widely and shows us a world of terror, violence and catastrophe. There is no escape from it. Drama is everywhere around us: daily on TV, in the papers, at your work... even on the corner of the street you live in.

Out of fear to be victims, we lock ourselves up in a tiny box. We hide our feelings, because we can't affort to be 'vulnerable' at this point. Inside your box, everything seems safe, but in the meanwhile your own fear is causing negative energies to surround you – you attract them as a magnet. Now is the time to step into the light, to show who you really are, to speak your truth, without the fear of rejection.

The frequency of Revelation helps you to come out of hiding, spread your wings and reveal yourself to the world.

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Paul Yarmuchevskij
Paul Yarmuchevskij September 3, 2017 at 8:53 AM