June 15, 2017


In the series of blogs about money – I started several weeks ago – I see how incredibly inspiring it is to delve into awareness about money. It is something that I don’t do very often. I often step to one side when it is about money. And even though there is so much information to find about how you can deal with money. It is not only about your work, your effort or your spending patterns: it says everything about where you are standing in life itself. Money is transparent. It tells you where you are and what for person you are: a ‘thinker in shortage’ or ‘a person of abundance’.

Do you see possibilities where others see problems?

In the build up to the Money Trip – we are starting the journey on the 18th September 2017 for the third time – I have attuned myself to what has been said or thought about money. It is an overruling theme at this moment. Then you see that many people who want to inspire or coach are selling themselves with ‘Tips and Tricks’ for quick success. If you want that, then you are at the wrong address with me. My input is different: I don’t want you to teach how you should earn money. I want you to attract it, like a magnet. I want it to come to you in a natural way, that you come into a state of abundance, purely by attuning your feelings and thoughts to everything that can be offered to you.

Do you want to discover what is possible if you become a magnet for money, then I will give you something to think about: how do you see yourself? Are you someone who thinks in shortage? Are you often in fear whether you will manage or not? Do you see in principal what you are missing, what you don’t have or what you are lacking? Or are you exactly the opposite: a person of abundance? That is where the difference lies between rejecting or attracting money. It is a state of Being.

The power of your thoughts

How do you know if you’re a really a person of abundance? Believe me: there are enough people in the world who earn millions and even still go through life as ‘thinkers in shortage’. They always want more … more than they can admit. This makes someone become stuck in ‘the lack of’. The reality forms itself by a constant chase for money and possessions. A person of abundance lives differently. A person of abundance gets up in the morning with the feeling that everything is within reach. That the entire universe is ready to serve him. Not the number of hours in a day determining what you can undertake, but the power of his thoughts. He feels, sees, and breathes that everything is possible. And even then his neighbor is prepared to open his wallet for that one golden idea which the world needs.

That person, the person of abundance, is the creator that sits within us all. Just as if money offers the freedom to do things just like you want, then it is our intention, which opens up the boundaries. A ‘thinker in shortage’ only sees what there is and what he wants to own; a person of abundance sees what is not there but what could actually happen. The question is: who do you want to be? Take the Money Trip with me and you will find out …

From heart to heart,

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