The Sacred Geometry Tarot Deck is a new interpretation of the classic tarot. The deck covers themes such as personal development, manifestation, wisdom, love and consciousness.

You can draw a single card for daily inspiration and contemplation, or you can do an extensive spread on major life questions. You can also put a card on your altar or bedside table for a while. Each card has a different geometric image with a meditative function.

This card deck is a tool for transformation. Learn how to turn reactivity into creativity, and move from ‘Why is this happening to me again?!’ to ‘Wow, how interesting, I can really do something with this!’

The Sacred Geometry Tarot Deck helps you find expansive answers within yourself. The only way out is in.

How do you use the Sacred Geometry Tarot Deck?

This card deck is a brand new interpretation of the classic tarot. The symbols have been replaced by meditative geometric figures. The cards are divided into six series, each with its own life theme.

The first series includes all of the major life experiences. The other five series are about events in the areas of personal development, creativity, wisdom, love relationships and consciousness.

Each card bears a geometric image, a title and a reference to a Platonic body. All three have their own meaning:

  • The geometric image has a meditative function. You can use the card in a spread, and also put it on your altar or bedside table for a while to activate your intention.
  • The title refers to the interpretation in the booklet.
  • The Platonic body refers to one of the six basic forms that make up the geometric images. Each form has its own possibilities and properties.

The cards and the interpretations are intended for the purposes of contemplation and the activation of your higher intentions. You can draw individual cards, use them in a spread, or mix the cards with other decks.

However you use the cards, the inner.space Sacred Geometry Tarot Deck is intended as a means of transcending your experiences. Life is seen as a game to reach a freer way of looking, thinking and experiencing.

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