TRANSMITTER CARD Transmission Training


The Transmission Card, which we use during the online Transmission Training, is loaded via the Transmitter. The Transmitter uses the existing energy field we live in, such as energy from telephones, WiFi and electromagnetic fields and converts them into positive frequencies.

Exclusively available for the participants of the Transmission Training.

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The Transmission Card is designed based on ancient geometrical principles

In the natural world you see all sort of repeating forms and signs. Think here about the lines on the shell or of an ice crystal. Sacred Geometry is a sort of language of symbols and works with images because, images enter much more quickly than words. These images are made up of five unique shapes that form the basis of geometry. These five, also known as the Platonic Solids, each have their own color and vibration and all resonate with a certain chakra.

What does the Transmission Card do?

The Transmission Card is to align your energy centers and charge them too and ensures that the energy in your chakras begins to move. Your chakras are the energy centers of your body. Each chakra has a certain influence on bodily functions and emotions. If you feel exhausted, lacking in energy, depressed or unhealthy, then the chance is great that your chakras are in a mess.

Through the codes, the uploaded energy and working of the sacred symbols, the card transmits certain vibrations – converting energy, which is stuck, to move again.

This card has been designed in such a handy way that it:

  • Activates water
  • gives food the right energy frequency
  • harmonizes the chakras and brings them into balance
  • protects you against harmful electromagnetic radiation

Additional information

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