January 9, 2018


Discover how Sacred Geometry elevates you and can change your life, if you embrace it like our forefathers did. This universal ‘language’ was used by ancient cultures for different rituals and initiations. Why? Because the secret of creation lies hidden in Sacred Geometry. It brings us into contact with who we really are.

Allow yourself for be inspired for three days by the geometric “DNA codes’ by Janosh, that penetrate deeply into the subconscious. Learn and experience how you can play a part in your own evolution process and how you can (via an active meditation) come into contact with your ‘Holy Grail’.


The mystery of Sacred Geometry

The Greek philosopher Plato once said: geometry will lead the soul to the truth. Those who step into the world of Geometry will directly understand the why of this conclusion. Coincidences no longer exist when you begin to see the amazing forms and beauty of creation. It can be found in nature. It is connected to the stars and planets. But it is also in us. In the cells of our bodies and the molecules of our DNA.

Geometry reveals who we are deep inside. It is who you truly are in your own power of creation – it is your Holy Grail. In different sessions Janosh is going to let you experience which effect geometric patterns have on the body and mind and how you can free yourself in a mysterious way from fear and restraining behavior.

Activate your (light) body

A lot of people think that they are only their physical body. But we have a number of light bodies at our disposal; each one fills a definite function separately. We call this the ‘Mer-Ka-Ba’, originally an Egyptian word. ‘Mer’ means ‘light’, ‘Ka’ means ‘mind’, and ‘Ba’ means ‘body’.

Merkaba’s are geometric energy fields. You can rise above time and space and travel to other dimensions in this way. The time in which we live carries the promise that we will re-activate our bodies, so that we can use our full potential. The activations by Janosh help you to start up the process, with the result that you gain more energy, become more aware, more intuitive and live (more) from the heart.

About the programme:

What you can expect during the three days:
  • Activations with geometric patterns and 432mHz music, that help you to remove polluted emotions and open your heart and connect yourself with your inner Holy Grail.
  • Meditations to relax and to set new intentions.
  • Rituals to give intentions more power
  • Moments of silence to allow the energy frequencies to orientate in the body and mind
  • Multimedia presentations with beautiful images, music and texts
  • Learn to work with the Holy Grail cards for yourself
  • Excursion powerplaces and rituals

This retreat is inclusive:
  • Complete care including 2 overnight stays in the beautiful Montserrat.
  • Transport from the airport to the Monastery
  • The box of cards entitled” Geometry and the Search for the Holy Grail (33 Grail codes)
  • Workbook for notes and inspiration and the concise explanation of the meaning of the Grail cards.

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The spiritual heart of Catalonia

Montserrat is a mountain in Spain, about 50 km North-West of Barcelona. Literally the name means 'sawn mountain' that refers to the appearance that resembles like saw tooth. This spiritual heart attracts a lot of pelgrims and climbers. The energy is very purifying and therfore ideal for spiritual growth and transformation.

The Monastery of Montserrat

On an altitude of 720 metres we find he Monastery of Montserrat, which is well-known as a place of pilgrimage. Thanks to the Black Madonna (a Roman statue of the virgin Maria) it attracts a lot of people. According to the legend, the Catalans found this wooden statue in 880 in the 'Sant Cova' (Holy Cave). They tried to remove it, but the statue was too heavy. The bishop interpreted this as a wish of Madonna to stay at the place where she was found and build a Monastery around her. Ever since then the Black Madonna is honoured as a Holy Monument and in 1881 the pope declared her as official 'patron' of Catalonia. This is celebrated on 27 April every year.

In the Monastery we also find a library with more than 300.000 works, among others the famous Llibre Vermell de Montserrat (Red Book of Montserrat). This is a collection of medieval texts that were found at the Black Madonna. You also find a museum met Artworks from El Greco, Picasso and Salvador Dali.

Not included: Insurance & the flights to and from Barcelona (final arrival 17.00h on 23 February!!!) -> the bus will leave around 18.00h. Advise for the return flight: leave on Sunday 25 February after 20.00h as the bus will arrive around 18.00h at the airport.

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