December 5, 2017

Start 2018: in resonance with the ‘Blue Moon’

In January 2018 the cosmos is going to show us something beautiful: a Blue Moon. We are talking about the second full moon in one calendar month. This phenomenon does not happen very often – to think: the next time that it will happen around the turn of the year, is in 2037. We may all look forward to a very special start to the New Year, with enormous creative possibilities for all of us!

Planting new seeds for the future

Perhaps you know the English saying ‘Once in a blue moon’. This refers to something that does not happen very often, and in this case it literally means the Blue Moon in January 2018. Because February does not have a full moon, this will happen next in March, one more time. Two peaks, two transforming energies. But what does this mean for us? What should we do?

A cosmic highlight when this asks for energy and action! It is perfect for renewal and therefore the ideal period occurs to plant new seeds for the future. Focus on the creation of possibilities, avoid re-chewing the old. This is in all of us when we think about good resolutions that we have in January, but just remember: the spirit can be incredibly increased by the energy of the moment!

Full Moon 1: Renewal

The first full moon is on the 2nd January. Astrologically speaking this is the perfect moment for renewal. The moon will be in the sign of Cancer, in which people get ready for other times and changed circumstances. This is THE moment to get going with your deepest wishes and desires and to make a conscious choice: what are you going to concentrate on during the coming times?

The 2nd January just happens to also be the beginning of Kick Start, in which we set our intentions for the New Year with power. Eight days working intensively with good resolutions, that is the goal. Do you have plans to begin with good intentions in January, then allow yourself to be inspired by the Kick Start 2018, which we are going to do together energetically!

Full Moon 2: Immersion

The influence of the second full moon (Blue Moon) is the yearning in all of us for a breakthrough. This is on the 31st January: then the energy will reach its peak. This full moon is in the sign of Leo and inspires us to immerse ourselves even deeper. We are invited to get going with our passions and this is then an ultimate creative phase. That is why we have decided to keep open until the end of January to allow us to optimally make use of the overruling energy.

New times are coming and I (Janosh) am really looking forward to this. I hope to be able to feel and inspire you from the 2nd January, every day.

From Heart to Heart


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Marie-Therese Fober December 5, 2017 at 1:52 PM

Bij het lezen van dit blog begint mijn lijf te trillen van binnen. Als ik mijn ogen sluit lijkt het alsof ik de ruimte ingeschoten wordt. Bizar. Dus....laat maar komen die BLUE MOONS.
Harte groet Marie-Therese