November 27, 2017

The best resolutions for 2018

What is the best resolution for the New Year? Probably you are not really busy with this just yet, but it will not do you any harm to already set an intention. Do you want a turning point, a revival, a breakthrough in something that is really important to you, then this is only one focus that you need to have for 2018 to be successful. It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve; this intention is crucial! Simply it is the only way to remain standing between all the things that can distract you. Curious? Then read on!

New Rounds, new chances

Every year we have good resolutions. One person takes it more seriously than another, but in general we all know that the energy of renewal is present around the end of the year. Of course we can decide at any moment to change our life but still we chose for that tangible peak moment around the 1st January. In some or other way that is the ideal start of a new cycle. A new round with new chances, shall we say?

When you have made all the promises to yourself then you ask yourself if you can keep them up, then probably the best resolution for 2018 that is not on your list. It’s not that you are working out the wrong way, but in the main, no one takes into account what is really necessary to give your life a new direction. Certainly the biggest reason why changes don’t keep going is the opposition from the people around you – I call them, friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues etc. Whenever you come across resistance or misunderstanding, it becomes very difficult to keep the spirit going. You want to keep going, but at the same time not become distanced from those who you love. How do you get through this difficult phase then? How do you ensure that energetically nothing works against you?

The higher purpose

Coming back to the question that I posed at the beginning – what is the best intention for 2018? – My answer is to focus on co-creation! I mean in that way: creating something together of a new reality by sharing the same intentions and thoughts. There is nothing so wonderful and gives us energy than when we strive together for the ‘higher purpose’, with the support of those close to you. In difficult phases they are the people who support you and you need the most! Look for ways to make ‘my resolutions’ into ‘our resolutions’. Look for similar values and explode together into the New Year. This is the best way to accomplish what you want, because you vibrate together. Allow co-creation to strengthen your resolutions, because we are all energetically connected with one another and have a much bigger influence on one another than we think – in the workshop Echo System we look at this in a deeper way.

From the thought that ‘together we grow faster’ I developed the Kick Start 2018. During this 8-day online workshop we will actively get going with our resolutions, in co-creation with one another! Every day a new activation and a new impulse to broaden our boundaries. If you want to get going with your resolutions in a nice and exciting way (and also include others) then enrol now (united) together. We are commencing on the 2nd January 2018 – more information

From heart to heart

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