February 28, 2018

The Universal Master Key downloads

Many times I have journeyed to the magical mountain of Montserrat (Spain). Stayed there with different, amazing people (many nationalities) close to the Monastery where we spent the days connecting with our Higher Self. It was difficult to say goodbye to this peaceful place. But I am going again with a new spectacular programme about your Mastership, are you coming too?

Close to Barcelona is the mystical mountain of Montserrat, a magical place where time does not exist. It is a place of attunement and self-healing; where spiritual powers are strongly felt. Where the energy is pure and awakens the soul. In the centre of the area there is a beautiful Monastery where a huge download takes place; your Mastership to feed your DNA. Janosh invites you to be a part of this in a special three-day Magical Experience, where we will open ourselves in isolation for all the information that we may receive.

If you give complete dedication to the sacred space of Montserrat, the higher intelligence around us and the guidance from Janosh - magic will happen for sure!

The Universal Master Key downloads

The universal keys are higher frequencies that we as people don't have within; they are no longer in our cell memory. Because we are searching for them, a gap occurs in our system, that gives space for fear. Look at it as spaces that are filled with 'junk DNA', with the outcome of restraining thoughts and patterns. The universal keys form a sort of 'source code' so that we can repair this. We have to bring these frequencies within and that happens through a channeling. In attunement with the universe we pull the frequency towards earth, so that the information can be integrated into our DNA. This sounds quite big and actually it is. Those who start the process will go through an amazing transformation!


MONTSERRAT - SPAIN | International Group (English spoken) | 12-15 April 2018

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