January 12, 2018

To start up a new energy in the comfort of your own home!

Let me inspire you to feel the ‘why’ in everything and if you feel that you are ready for a new chapter in your life, then here are a couple of options for the beginning of 2018 to start up a new Energy in the comfort of your own home! The coming weeks we start different short Online programs to start this year with a positive Energy and to create the next chapter in our live with Magic. 

I hope you join me in one of these journeys.

Heart to Heart, Janosh

Why my good resolutions often never happen?

Explode into the New Year with power! This 8 day online workshop is your kick-start for 2018, to begin with planting new seeds. Each day you will receive new information for your subconscious, which will ensure an enormous drive to start up the changes. Janosh, will in the meantime, give you support and insights to get the energy into the right lanes. Take part and launch yourself in the direction of new highlights!

Motivation from within

A ‘kick-start’ is something in which you start up a process. It is the trigger to activate something big. In this case: your creative powers! Good resolutions are nice, but have little value if after a while you begin to fight against old patterns. That is why Kick-Start 2018 will help you to be able to create from within. It is meant for everyone who, in the New Year, does not want to be dependent on external triggers, but who wants to get the power and motivation from within themselves. Each day you will receive activations and exercises that will bring out the best in you. If you want to create something right now, complete or finish in your life, in this workshop you will come into contact with your personal drive and turning point!

The 2018 Kick Start | 8 days | Start: Monday 215 January 2018 - More information...

Why am I a victim of money?

Money is an important theme in our life. If you have a lot to spend or not: there is often never enough to do everything you want. A lot of people have shortfall and feel, in bigger or smaller ways, a victim of money. Some people actually have an aversion to the theme of money. Even though there is nothing wrong with the fact that money exists: it is purely the way in which we deal with it.

Money is so much more than what you have on your bank account. It is a form of energy. It says something about how you stand in life and the value, which you give to yourself. The flow of money in the world is in fact energy that we exchange with one another. The question is in how far you allow the energy in. When you remain stuck in ‘thinking in shortfall’ then money will not flow easily to you, because you unconsciously repel it. Old beliefs are often the cause. The alternative is to choose to be a ‘person of abundance’ and that is possible when you grab hold of the whole theme of money as a nice, interesting challenge. Become a magnet for money during the Money Trip: a single journey to abundance.

The Money Trip | 8 days | Start: Monday 22 January - More information...

Why am I here, on earth?

Perhaps this is the most important question you can actually ask yourself. Often we are not busy with this idea, because we lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of every day life and details. The many processes at home and at work, big or small, keep us away from the feeling that we actually life for a higher purpose. We keep on going, without really feeling if it is really the intention. At the same time it gives you so much freedom if you can answer the question why you are here on earth. The touching of a chord – the why about everything you do – is really important to build your unique creation each and every day.

The ‘why’ in your life is basically nothing more than a blueprint. You can project everything onto it, in which you will be able to see even better which choices are good for you and which are not. Do you want to see the blueprint more clearly, then come on a journey for 40 days in which I will activate the 13 keys to your calling.

Keys to your Calling | 40 days | Start: Monday 5 February  2018 - More information...

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