September 12, 2017

Understanding the blueprint of your soul

Every person has a blueprint. Look at it like a beating puzzle of intentions, desires, talents and possibilities. It is connected to you, to your parents, to the place of your birth, to your friends and family. You did not choose this life without a reason. You wanted to be here, in this time, in this place … and to do what you came here to do. But how do you know if you are on the right path or not? A combination of 13 keys will help you to find the answers.

The key combinations give insight into who you really are

During the development of the online workshop Keys to your Calling I made an interesting discovery. For the first time I saw a connection between a number of holograms that form a blueprint together. It is a sort of pattern in which you can easily see if you are in contact with the higher purpose of your life. You know this: that sensation in your heart that you feel you can move mountains, without ever becoming exhausted.

Without going into this too deeply - if you want to apply this method completely in your life, then enroll for the workshop and I will reveal a couple of combinations in this blog. They will help you to see the connections in how you make choices and what the consequences (could) be. It gives you insight into who you really are.

Passion – Perseverance

A lot of people feel their passion. They want pleasure in the things they do, to go to work with enthusiasm and to have the feeling every day that they are busy with something special. In my experience this is not rare. Even stronger: it should be that way for all of us. But passion has an interesting opposite and that is: perseverance. Passion is not something that you can feel every minute of the day. It is the fire in you that you have to keep going. In certain circumstance it’s not possible and then it is all about your capacity to persevere. How far are you prepared to go to keep passion alive in your life?

People, who are unable to persevere in difficult times, have difficulty in achieving their goals with pleasure. They can suddenly become overtired, depressed and have the feeling that they are continually swimming against the current. On the other hand it can be that some people who keep rattling on too much when it is about their passion, suddenly burn out. You recognize this when you have little humor, continually worry about things and do not have any desire for intimacy.

Self-esteem – Development

Are you worth it to do the things you love? A lot of people think so, but in reality they lack a lot of things that they hope to achieve. Lack of self-esteem can be the reason why they do not dare to claim the things they have a right to. Development can take away the fear. Personally I find this a very interesting combination, because it says a lot about how you show yourself in relation to your surroundings.

When your self-esteem is big, then you are dedicated to yourself. You are loyal, curious and have the feeling that you count. You dare to take hold of chances and you unfold yourself in a pleasurable way. Lack of self-esteem makes you cynical, cautious and indifferent to your surroundings – not being able to form a definite opinion. You are mainly judgmental of others, but you are waiting in the stand-by mode yourself. The secret to increase your self-esteem lies in opening yourself to the wisdom of others (without blindly following advice).

Self-love – Unity Consciousness

This is a difficult one. It demands even more self-reflection – not easy for everyone! Loving yourself and taking care of yourself is an advantage to connect yourself with the world in a positive way. How we show ourselves and what we have to say about others, says everything about how we look at ourselves. The feeling that you are one with your surroundings and can share in love only occurs when you can accept yourself unconditionally. A sensitive point for many, because we are often critical about ourselves!

People who are unable to allow self-love have difficulties to connect to the bigger picture. They suffer from egoism, skepticism and are very critical about themselves and others. In this way they miss the connection to important matters that involve all of us, simply because they cannot ‘land’ in their own feeling. At the same time these people are very outspoken over things that are ‘wrong’ in the world. They are really pessimists, who are unable to look at themselves. The opening to a peaceful connection with others is to look at yourself in the mirror and allow all judgments to fall aside. Do this and you span the bridge to unity consciousness (the feeling that you are connected to everything and everyone).

Never becoming distracted again!

I use the key combinations regularly myself to ask the right questions. They help me when I sometimes get stuck, when I have doubts about my choices. It is a sort of safety net that I don’t have to fall too far back into negative thinking. When I catch myself with thoughts like ‘oh who am I to …?’ or ‘the world doesn’t understand me!’ I have the keys to bring myself back to the right path.

Do you want to make use of them too so that you will never been distracted again by old restraining thoughts? Then take part from the 19th September in The Keys to your Calling – a workshop that makes your dreams come true.

From heart to heart,

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