September 5, 2017

Why ‘outsiders’ have more chances to grow and to move boundaries

Perhaps you know them, or you have been one yourself: an ‘outsider' Those who were not understood at school. Those who could not make a connection and sat eating their lunch alone somewhere at the back of the room. As an ‘outsider’ you feel alone, misunderstood, not part of the entirety. You have interests, which others do not share with you. You stand watching how others show their strength, define the atmosphere and you keep asking yourself: why am I standing here on the sidelines just watching?

Perhaps you have always experienced the role of an ‘outsider’ as being negative. Perhaps you have always told yourself that you needed to do your best, allow your voice to be heard. Do you know that ‘weakness’ is really a strength! ‘Outsiders’ at source are actually those who really move boundaries!

A pioneer in the making

Personally I was really an ‘outsider’. Always. I was a quiet boy who sat there watching others intently. I learnt a lot by just seeing what people were doing. I discovered connections, patterns of behavior and subconsciously learnt from the mistakes others made. Even now I still benefit if I give someone a session. I can immediately see where others get stuck.

But there are more advantages from being an ‘outsider’. It is not always nice – I know that better than anyone – but there is a reason why you are this way. You have actually chosen for a life as a ‘visionary’: someone who watches everything from a distance. You don’t experience the stress of having to perform, or the pressure of the group, which means you are able to form your own ideas about reality much better. You are more in touch ‘with your source’ your own truth. And from that truth you can take steps more easily in places where others fear to tread. You are in fact a pioneer in the making.

The driving force

What I have learnt, as an ‘outsider’ but also as someone who inspires, is that I have much more influence from my source on joint processes. I see things differently than others. I give them a name and often take the blind spot away in people. But most of all you have a certain dynamism to go looking for boundaries, particularly as you are used to the fact that others are not paying attention to you. It is a sort of ‘freedom of appearance’ that it is difficult to revive when you are the middle point of a social circle, in which you are involved with the opinions of others.

What does this mean in practice? That as an ‘outsider’ you can see the secret weapon of every group. If it is at your work or in a family atmosphere, it does not matter. You have it in you to go looking for boundaries, to look out of the box, to be an inspiration for others. Your observations are valuable, because no one else is actually aware of how the herd behaves. ‘Outsiders’ are fantastic coaches, trainers, helpers, healers and teachers. They look at the entirety and know where the boundaries are that need to be moved to grow further. They are the driving force behind each organization … and in these times very necessary to bring people back by their hearts!

A journey for ‘outsiders’

Next month the Keys to your Calling commences. Even though this is a workshop for a lot of people to go to their own truth, for ‘outsiders’ it is a real feeling of coming home. It is all based on your uniqueness and reminds you of all the reasons why you are here. To get to know yourself at the deepest level in 40 days, and also to understand why you often stood on the sideline (and why this position is so powerful!)

From heart to heart,

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Ine de Blok September 9, 2017 at 4:42 PM

Je komt binnen! Wat prachtig verwoord. Ik zal mn kracht nog meer gaan gebruiken, dank je wel

Elly September 7, 2017 at 10:20 AM

Ik geniet als ik jouw "boodschap" lees. Hoop door het regelmatig te lezen, dat het zich vestigt in mijn brein!