9 de noviembre de 2017

'I knew this would happen…'

I like to share the frequency of Sensitivity with you this week. It definitely is one of my favourites. Especially in times when much is going on around you or when important decisions have to be made, this frequency comes in handy. If you would like to strengthen your intuition and telepathic abilities, then I suggest you regularly connect with this frequency. Sensitivity not only improves your senses: it also helps you to share your insights with others. That's something a lot of people are struggling with. They feel lots of different things (e.g. emotions of other people or events that have yet to take place) but they are afraid to express this because they may not be able to substantiate it. If you have said to yourself 'I knew this would happen' more than once, then this applies to you too.

There is a select group of people that attend almost all my workshops – some of them I even consider somewhat like family. What always gets me is that these people are all very sensitive, but in their immediate environment they tend to feel misunderstood. They function well in their job, in their family and social circles, but there is something that makes them different from the rest. They see and feel things that others don't notice. They absorb energies and thoughts like a sponge.

What I try to show these people is that they should realise that their degree of sensitivity requires a different lifestyle. Think of the life of an athlete, who does not smoke, does not drink and is also not going out to the pub at night. That just isn’t appropriate. When you’re an athlete, we accept this. No questions asked when an athlete makes certain choices, like not eating junk food or going to bed early instead of going out at night. However, for people with a sixth sense it is different. They can’t explain why they feel tired all of a sudden or start feeling awkward in a busy supermarket. They can't explain why they hear voices or feel what others feel. It is not readily accepted when they show their emotions or when they want some alone time. However, they have to deal with it and so they often opt for a double life. They adapt, learn the behaviour and language of the group, but they don’t share what they truly feel.

If you ask me, sensitive people should not hide. We should praise them! Their ability to feel more than others actually makes them special. They are pioneers in our evolution to a higher consciousness. You don’t have to fear them or think of them as being weird, because in their eyes you see nothing but love. If you recognise this in yourself, don't be afraid to share your feelings. The gift you have is there for a reason. It is meant for you to connect with it and to do something with it. Don’t be against the people around you. Do not hold a grudge towards people who condemn you, because the only reason they condemn you, is because they actually condemn themselves. With your gift are you able to show them the way. Just do that. Don't hesitate. It is better to come up against some resistance every now and then, rather than to have to say time after time: ' I knew this would happen’. 

Use the frequency of this week: Sensitivity. Focus on the center of the image, a few minutes a day. You will soon notice that your fears decrease and that you start dealing with your sensitivity in a different way.

I wish you much inspiration this week.

Heart to heart, 

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Irina Jatsenko
Irina Jatsenko 14 de noviembre de 2017, 15:06

💐💜 Искренне благодарю за вдохновение!
С бесконечным уважением к Вам! 🌸💛🌸💚🌸💙🌸💕

Ygor Metaphorical 10 de noviembre de 2017, 23:04

Thanks Janosh, always eternal and traveler friend in all the epochs and eras. ( I share with us, out of my usual hiding place, a very small fragment of a poem I finished writing a few weeks ago)

The light seeps into the copse,
seed and soul clamour
and in its secret interior, birth
alliance of freshness, adventure and gallop;
Childhood :
Time between light and hunger.
And in the most hidden, always
some first open eye: