To raise your emotional and spiritual vibration.


Have you ever wondered what happens in your body when you feel depressed or anxious? Or have you ever experienced that you suddenly felt drained after a cup of coffee with a colleague, friend or girlfriend?

The answer is that your vibrational frequency has dropped.

The products from the Janosh line all have a vibration-increasing effect, so that you get more energy, among other things, the products protect you against negative external influences, such as stimuli and radiation. And you are surrounded with positive vibration.

The products help you to quickly attract positive energy again.


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Popular products

  • Book “Particles of God” (English)



    The Divine Sparks that we are

    Particles of God, or particles of divine origin, beings of light that have nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with spirituality.
    This treasure of words activates your deepest and highest memories of your Godness, making you aware that you are God in disguise.

    This book is not a book, but a source of timeless, inspiring powerful Quantum Codes that create, that fulfill dreams by sending positive wishes that vibrate in special ways into the universe.

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  • Quantum Sleeping Egg

    Sleeping better and waking up feeling rested

    Improve your sleep and wake up feeling rested with the Quantum Sleeping Egg.

    Sleeping badly does something with your concentration, you become tired and

    Even after sleeping one night badly, the results can be quite alarming. It’s
    unhealthy for your body and mind, you have your emotions less under control,
    your focus has diminished, and you can start to eat unhealthily. Do you regularly
    have the feeling of having lack of sleep, then there are problems like depression
    and fears lurking around.

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  • The Quantum Energy Coaster | Self Love


    The Self Love Coaster charges your food and water with the frequency of self love. Remember, it’s okay to set boundaries, say “no” every now and then, and claim your own space.

    The QUANTUM Energy Coasters are personally charged piece by piece by Janosh with the Transmitter. This is a unique powerful apparatus which uses electromagnetic fields and turns them into positive frequencies. The big advantage is that you can use the coaster indefinitely, it never loses its power. Look at it like your own personal energy charging station, in your kitchen to charge your food and your water.

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