This is the story about Janosh, he calls himself a life artist, a visionary but also an outsider, but I prefer to describe Janosh as an alchemist in sneakers. A happy magician who sprinkles his magic across the world.

And this is his extraordinary story …

The day that changed my life
During one of my lunchbreaks, I was strolling in the Vondelpark (Amsterdam) and suddenly out of nowhere a tramp grabbed hold of me. With his piercing eyes he looked and me and asked: ‘Are you happy’? I was shocked and was nailed to the ground. The tramp let go of me and walked on. Wow … that woke me up. He left me behind, stunned and suddenly, the penny dropped. That one moment completely changed my life. I thought I was happy but deep within I did not feel happy at all.

After this strange meeting with the tramp, a while later I began to see all sorts of images. Beautiful geometric images and how could I, as a graphic artist, not begin to copy these images onto my graphic computer programs.

I liked them, my surroundings were even more enthusiastic and encouraged me to bring them into the world. Just for fun, I made an easy website and placed my geometrical images on it. And then what happened?  – the images went viral. My website was visited countless times and I didn’t understand it all. Then an American got in touch with me and said that I had made crop circles. I had completely created the exact formations. I had absolutely no idea, crop circles at the time, seemed to me like flattened grain fields made by men with planks of wood under their feet.

How the extra-terrestrial came into my life
If you had told me then that my little pieces of art, would change people’s lives worldwide, I would have said you are mad. No, come on. The graphical drawing was a nice hobby for in the evenings.

But the story isn’t finished yet … during the designing of all the geometric artwork I began to hear voices. I went into a sort of trance and received codes which were channeled by extra-terrestrial guides: The Arcturians. It felt as if I had been flipped through a heavenly portal to the outside. As a sober graphic designer, I was pushed into the spiritual world. I knew nothing about spirituality, absolutely nothing: what a chakra was or even what incense was. I found spirituality sort of woozy-woozy and floaty.

Geometry: the secret key to our DNA
Over the next few years, I developed my geometrical images even further. These geometrical images are in fact ‘codes’. Codes that give you entrance to the subconscious and in that way to your true potential. I began to combine the visual holograms with frequency tones (sound-healing) and this is what I call an Activation.

During an activation you rapidly go into a deep meditation where your head and heart connect with one another. It is a spiritual sensation where you get all the answers to your life questions.

My mission
We have become more and more aware that our life is actually different than we thought. Spirituality is doing what you love and not the imposed spiritual rules. Since my meeting with the tramp, I feel in every fiber in my body that it is my mission to bring people to their heart, so that they can then live from their heart. People have so much potential and how amazing would that be if we all connected with one another from love. And I hope to play a part in all of this.

Making spirituality free from dogmas and available for everyone
There are a lot of negative thoughts and beliefs stuck to spirituality. Spirituality is nothing more than a deep connection with yourself and your consciousness.

Everyone does and experiences it in his or her way. If you love meditation, love to burn some incense now and again, follow a mindfulness session, take a walk in the woods, follow a healing session, fold yourself double on the yoga mat or love to dance in meditation. There are endless possibilities and there is always something which is right for you. Searching for answers, do you want a deeper connection with yourself and more magic in your life.? Then take a look at

“Don’t put your dreams on hold, take the first step today to achieve them. Now!”


How Janosh makes a difference

After so many years, Janosh’s activations and meditations are worldwide. You can find his followers from Canada to Australia and everything which lies in between. It is therefore not surprising that his webinars, where he shares the latest download from the Arcturians, every month, are such a success. With on average 2000-3500 participants, a gigantic field of energy is built up and this is how Janosh spreads his magic across the globe. In 2007 he was the first Dutchman to be welcomed at the United Nations Headquarters in New York to give a presentation. An honor which was also repeated a year later.

 Furthermore, over the years, he has written and published several books, made an App for mindful health (in your pocket) and a web shop with all sorts of items to raise your frequency. He also has developed a number of online programs to make a deep transformation, which are following by thousands worldwide. Janosh gives retreats at home and abroad and recently started a co-operation with Patty Harpenau, to create the Academy of Angels and with Leo Melchers Ecstatic, to organize special dance events.

Janosh has given thousands of private sessions also at home and abroad and recently he told his story NTR (on television): Everyone Enlightened (Dutch only)

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