Quantum Sleeping Egg

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Sleeping better and waking up feeling rested

Improve your sleep and wake up feeling rested with the Quantum Sleeping Egg.

Sleeping badly does something with your concentration, you become tired and

Even after sleeping one night badly, the results can be quite alarming. It’s
unhealthy for your body and mind, you have your emotions less under control,
your focus has diminished, and you can start to eat unhealthily. Do you regularly
have the feeling of having lack of sleep, then there are problems like depression
and fears lurking around.

Did you know that more than the half of the Dutch population (63%) have
problems with sleeping?
Are you one of these people?
Do you regularly wake up in the night and have difficulty getting back to sleep?
It’s frustrating don’t you think? You deserve a good night’s sleep, and we will show you how.


We believe that you shouldn’t be lying awake every night and that is the reason
why we have added the Quantum Sleeping Egg, (the latest extra-terrestrial product from the series Living Dynamics by Janosh) to our collection to neutralize the energy frequency in your bedroom.

Often you are not aware that you have more and more radiation sensitive apparatus in house. Besides the usual things like your computer, smart TV, laptop, waterbed, electric blankets, and smartphones, we see more smart thermostats,
smart toothbrushes, and even self-warming coffee machines.

You can’t imagine more, it is all there, but it ensures for more and more unhealthy radiation in your direct surroundings.

During sleep your body can be disturbed by strong unnatural fields. And that is now precisely one of the reasons why you sleep badly at night.

“That radiation and negative energy does something to you, is a fact, but thankfully there is a solution”.

The Quantum Sleeping Egg neutralizes your energy frequency and brings it into
It harmonizes spaces and minimalizes electromagnetic radiation.Therefore, you experience that:
You sleep deeper and awaken less often
You have more energy and feel fitter
By sleeping deeper your soul can process the experiences of the day better Your Pineal Gland stays in balance
More sleeping hormones (melatonin) are produced, and you can get to sleep more easily.
You wake up feeling rested and better in balance.
Apart from the fact that the Sleeping Egg is an epic tool and brings the bedroom into a neutral frequency, you can also use the Sleeping Egg in your living room.
The Sleeping Egg has a radius of 11 meters.
The advice I would like to give you today is:
Radiation is always everywhere, and we must deal with this in our present living situation.
That radiation and negative energy does something to you is a fact.
We would like to give you a tool with this Quantum Sleeping Egg, so that you and your family are quickly protected against this radiation and negative energy.
Life’s too short to live lifelessly and lacking in energy.
Try the Quantum Sleeping Egg directly and sleep better and wake up feeling more rested.

Size: Length 16.5 cm, width diameter 8 cm

Material: Acrylic with two-sided laser pattern, brass, aluminum, crystal and lava stone ball.


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