Transmitter pendant PARTICLES OF GOD


Are you ready for extraterrestrial influences to raise your frequency?

The frequency boost pendant is from Janosh’s Living Technologies series. The pendant surrounds you with a positive vibration and protects you from negative energy from outside. Delicious!

Imagine… what would it be like for you if you had a physical source of power at your disposal, which protects you against all impulses and stimuli from outside and gives you strength (superpower) when you need it at any time of the day?

Alien technology is going to help you with that. Serious? Yes really!
Alien technology: your answer to a higher frequency and better quality life

You may be wondering: do the pendants have a similar effect to a gemstone necklace? No, the pendant also gives off a vibration, just like a gemstone necklace, but goes much further than that. With the pendant we offer you a mini-device to neutralize the radiation, surround yourself with positive energy and restore the frequencies in your body.

What makes this pendant so special compared to a gemstone pendant?
The pendants are charged one by one via the Transmitter. The Transmitter is a device that Janosh has developed over the past 10 years, and which increases your frequency within 30 seconds by hand scan. This balances your chakras and aura and converts radiation into harmonious nourishing frequencies. This transmitter also has the ability to conduct anything such as; charge water, jewelry and crystals so that the same effect that the transmitter has is transferred to the pendant.

Your personal frequency booster!

The pendant with the code PARTICLES OF GOD
As God in disguise, you are limitless, boundaryless and connected to all times, dimensions, and possibilities. You no longer need to ask yourself who you are and why you are here, because everything is clear. Also, as a God-Human nothing more is hidden or unclear for you and you can create the life and path with every step that you take, freely and radiating with happiness.

The pendant comes with a black leather cord and you can easily adjust it to your personal preferred length.

Dimensions: 3.9 cm diameter
Material: ALUMINUM RINGS BLACK ANODIZING, three layers of Plexiglas and a raw leather strap


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