The Evolution of Human Consciousness

And Secrets of the Tun Calendar.

Note: This blog post is a snapshot of the Mystery of the Mayan Prophecy online course where you will go on a magical journey to the deepest layers of the Mayan culture and their revealing prophecies. From the beating heart of the Mayan civilization where hidden knowledge and timeless wisdom await you… Deep into meaning of the powerful Mayan calendars, which serve as windows to the future and give insights in the fabric of the universe. You’ll discover how astrologers, cosmologists and the spiritual beliefs of the Mayans are woven together and form the route to a higher consciousness. And you’ll finally understand how the Mayans, centuries ago, could predict the arrival of our current time, with its challenges and possibilities.

Let’s take a look at TUN calendar to see:

  • Where we came from
  • Where we are NOW
  • Where we ARE headed

Put your current worldview on hold for a while, but don’t take anything for granted just because I say so.
Always listen to your own feelings, Use your own discernment.
The truth you are looking for is stored in your DNA. Either way, the truth about who we are comes to light.

Days and nights

The TUN calendar has 9 different levels of consciousness and resembles a temple. Each step is divided into 13 cycles of equal duration.
For each level, the 13 cycles are designated by days and nights.
The first cycle is the First Day, the second cycle is the First Night, the third cycle is the Second Day and so on up to 13.

Each day is a period of increasing awareness and each night is a period of applying this awareness by trial and error.
In fact, we do the same thing all our lives: you learn something new, you then apply it and in the process you make mistakes.

Step 1: Big Bang

Every “day” and “night” has a special intention in creation.
Just look at the first step: which is called the Cellular Cycle and started 16.4 trillion years ago.
Each ‘day’ and ‘night’ lasted 1.26 trillion years.

In essence, we all descended from one cell in an immense soup of consciousness.
The Creator at that time was busy: action and reaction.
This is true of that entire cycle.
We use this Universal Law to this day.

Step 2: Mammalian Cycle

The next cycle started 820 million years ago.
And again went through those same 13 steps.
Each step lasted 63.1 million years.

That’s a big difference from the previous step!
Each step in creation goes 20x faster than the previous one.
That’s why in recent years people feel that time is moving so fast.

However, it is not time that is speeding up, but creation is speeding up.
In this cycle, you see more and more complex organisms being created:

  • from cells,
  • to shellfish,
  • fish,
  • birds,
  • reptiles,
  • dinosaurs,
  • mammoths, etc.

The survival mechanism of this stage in evolution was: Stimulus Response.
Think of a school of fish or a flock of birds taking flight at the same time.

Humans were still a while away….

Step 3: Family Cycle

The next cycle started 41 million years ago and is called the Family Cycle.
A “day” and a “night” lasted 3.1 million years.
At the beginning of this cycle the ape appeared, they brought with them a consciousness of Stimulus Individual Response.
The apes and their ancestors built the family concept.

You may be thinking: what is the difference between a family and, say, a flock of sheep?
The recognition of the individual.
That is a greater survival tool than previous step.
Namely, you are more flexible as an individual.

Step 4: Tribal Cycle

The next cycle started 2 million years ago and is called the Tribal Cycle.
A “day” and a “night” lasted 158,000 years.
It is interesting to take a closer look at this cycle and a frontier science side-path.

Our genes are about 98% similar to the ape.
At the beginning of this cycle arose the Australopithecus, the straight-up ape-man.
Darwin – the originator of our current theory of evolution – argued that man was not created by God,
but arose by evolution from the ape 4.6 to 6.2 million years ago.

– Did you know that this theory has not been scientifically proven? –

Indeed, what is strange: it took us millions of years to come to the ape and then man would have come into existence in just 40,000 years.
Yes, time is accelerating but this drastic event is unusually fast according to our current time table.
Should we then cling to the Bible?

The creation story (Genesis) states:
God created man in His image and likeness.
He first created Adam and then Eve from Adam’s rib.

Did you know that the Bible often refers to more than one God?

Nephilim and Elohim, are words for Gods in the Old Testament.
It is also translated Giants or the Violent.
The correct translation is: Those who come from above.

In Genesis 6. verse. 4 it says:

In those days there were Giants on the earth, and also afterward, when the sons of God went in unto the daughters of men, and won themselves children, these are the violent ones, who have been of old, men of name.

Has there sometimes been outside intervention in our evolutionary process?

According to the Sumerian clay tablets – the oldest writing on Earth – the first group of “extraterrestrials” came to Earth with their mother ship 45,000 years ago.
Could it be possible that, at this step of our evolution, these extraterrestrials settled among the primitive ape-men on Earth?
And that through intercourse and/or genetic manipulation, a new species emerged the: Higher Universal Man – HUMAN

Consider the following scientific thinking:
About 95% of our genes are “junk DNA.
Junk that is of no use to us.
What do we actually know about our genetic material, which was only discovered by science 40 years ago?

Does our DNA sometimes contain alien genes?
What are we capable of with this?
Time will tell.
The answers to all our questions are literally stored within ourselves.

Mayan priest Don Cirilo said:
One cannot study the wisdom of our ancestors.
When the right time comes, you will receive the key to that wisdom.
Begin not with your ego, but with loving your whole being and then observe what is brought to life within you.

Step 5: Cultural Cycle

The next cycle started 102,000 years ago and is called the Cultural Cycle.
A “day” and a “night” lasted 7900 years.
On the previous step of evolution, consciousness rose to recognize Similarities and Differences, or Reason.
This cycle has Reason as its hallmark of consciousness.

The shaman came up with a reason for things, like the reason for the Sun, the reason for the Moon, for the stars, for fire.
Shared reason is in fact also the basis of a culture.
The new human (Human) that had emerged on the previous step of consciousness was gifted with both intelligence and the sense of being part of the greater whole.
The right ingredients for the emergence of two great civilizations with highly developed culture, technology and broad state of consciousness.

I’m talking about:

  • Lemuria: demise 60,000 years ago
  • Atlantis: downfall 50,000 years ago

History repeats itself. Both Lemuria and Atlantis went down similarly.

The human ego split off from Source, the greater whole, and started playing God itself.
Meanwhile, it experimented with technology far beyond our current standards and ended up in the hands of those in power.
What could have been a blessing for humanity became an unmitigated disaster. Both civilizations went down because of their technology.

What do we choose to do together?

Step 6: National Cycle

The next cycle started 3,115 B.C. and is called the National Cycle.
A “day” and a “night” lasted 394 years. Our current, modern nation emerged from this consciousness.
After the demise of both Lemuria and Atlantis, it was quiet on Earth for a long time.

But that did not last long. The new civilization that emerged lapsed into the same state of consciousness as the previous Earth-dwellers.
It was on this step of consciousness that the Flood took place, cleansing the Earth by mass floods, which few survived.

A hard mentality developed among those left behind: survival.
The consciousness characteristic Reason gave way to Law.
Man began to think in “right” and “wrong,” made laws and felt superior to others.
Slavery, abuse and exploitation was quite normal.
Countries arose with borders and armies to guard or expand those borders.

Not all survivors had lost touch with Source.
Still today we are filled with wonder at the remnants of ancient and lost civilizations, such as the ancient Egyptians with their magnificent pyramids, the Sumerians with their cuneiform writing, the Mayans with their calendars, and so on.
Some structures and works of art cannot be explained even according to our current science.
We call them mysteries.

But it seems that certain traces from ancient times indicate contact with extraterrestrial life.

Step 7: Planetary Cycle

The next cycle started in 1744 and is called the Planetary Cycle.
A “day” and a “night” lasted 19.7 years. It is incredible how quickly developments and events occur on this step of consciousness.

Therefore, let us take a moment to consider what consciousness is.
The higher up the evolutionary ladder, the broader the consciousness of ALL creation.
So not just human beings. Everything vibrates at a higher frequency and everything is essentially Light, energy, creative power.
Just whatever you want to call it. The whole universe is imbued with it.

Around the 17th century, the industrial revolution began in Europe.
The foundation for our current way of life was laid.
Technology flourished, man-made machines and factories, started living in “prosperity,” and in addition to waging wars (including World Wars I and II), enforcing of laws, this cycle was about 1 thing:

Most of us here were born on this step.
In this cycle the “generation gap” also arises. The gap in consciousness between parents and their children, comes to about 20 years.
Exactly the time of a “day” and a “night. It is also not surprising that people talk about the “Prozac generation.
The pressure is increasing by the day.

The global power elite strives to exert as much control over the world as possible.
Their main means are to incite fear, secrecy, create polarization and distract people from their higher life goals.
As these parties gain more and more power and control, our freedoms are taken away.
Often without our realizing it. This plays out to this day.

This step of consciousness is concluded on the seventh, last “day” – it will be 1992 – with the advent of the “World Wide Web.
In other words, the Internet. The networking and information society that then emerged worldwide contributes to a planetary consciousness.
It was time for the next step. Power.

Step 8: Galactic Cycle

The next cycle started in 1999 and is called the Galactic Cycle.
A “day” and a “night” last 360 days.
In recent years, we have discovered much more about our galaxy and the universe.
In this regard, the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) has become particularly important to astronomers.

Thanks to this space observatory, we have gained more knowledge about cosmology, galaxies, stars and planets.
In 2004 it recorded the Ultra Deep Field, the “deepest” picture of the sky ever taken in visible light.
There are about 100 billion galaxies in the universe visible to us, each with tens to hundreds of billions of stars.
Isn’t it arrogant to think we are alone?

Interestingly, there is also a reversal in consciousness.
The hallmark of this step is Ethics.
Slowly but surely the truth about who we are, where we came from and where we are headed is coming to light.
Cover-ups are opened up, mysteries unraveled and the bottom line emerges.
Existing systems, such as our economy, collapse like houses of cards.

The power elite mostly tries to solve problems as if they were economic, political or even military problems.
But we mostly have a consciousness problem.
The Mayans already said, “Nothing is what it seems. Everything is Maya, an illusion.
In these times, you have to question everything!

The final stage, Stage 9: Universal Cycle

The next cycle started on February 11, 2011 and is called the Universal Cycle.
A “day” and a “night” last 20 days.
On 21-12-2012, all 17 Mayan calendars are calculated to end.
On the winter solstice in 2012, our sun is aligned with the Galactic Center.

Why does the “TIME” stop here?
What awaits us on this very highest step in our evolution EVER?
Are you prepared for the time to come?

No one knows exactly why they ended & what took place.
Or does it sometimes depend on you & me?
On this highest step we get to play the game as co-creators of the big picture.
In fact, we already do, only few people are aware of it.

According to the Arcturians, 2012 was an end of a cycle.
In which, in our consciousness, we would need 12 years to prepare for the real opening.
And we are now in the midst of that!

Soon I will share the Arcturians’ message about the opening now 11 years later.
Stay tuned…

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