Energy bracelet Transmission



Activate your inner power with the brand new Energy Bracelet. Every piece of this bracelet is charged with the right energy – the energy of Sacred Geometry. The design is based around the Silver Code, a geometric pattern that conducts energy. When the Silver Code touches your skin, you feel the energy going through you.

This code generates a vibrational frequency that supports you to make deeper contact with your core, your higher self, your guides, your soul and the source.

Strap available in different lengths:
22.5 cm
26 cm (black only)
46.5 cm (double wrap, black only)
Dimensions pad: 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm


The silver code is engraved in a stainless steel pad. This is attached to the high-quality nubuck leather strap.
To feel the energy intensely, we designed the bracelet so that the silver code touches your skin, amplifying the effect.

You can wear one or more pads at the same time. You can easily move, replace and/or exchange them.

Additional information


Black (article JAN999), Green (article JAN997), Cognac (article JAN998)

Strap Length

22,5 cm, 26 cm, 46,5 cm


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