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Discover the Magic of Our Energy Sprays – Increase Your Frequency, Feel the Harmony

Welcome to the enchanting world of our Energy Sprays – specially designed to lift your energy to new heights and create a sense of inner harmony.

With our Energy Sprays, you will experience a unique combination of pure essential oils carefully chosen for their purity and healing properties. Each bottle is packed with the power of nature, infused with sacred geometric frequencies for a profound and enriching effect.

With just 2 to 3 sprays in circular forms in your aura field, you feel the frequency in your being changing. You will be enveloped by the healing vibrations of these beautiful oils, leaving you feeling protected and balanced, while furthering your spiritual growth and deeper awareness.

Allow these Energy Sprays to indulge your senses and enchant your soul as you discover your own unique frequency and increase your energy.

Protection Energy Spray: A Symphony of Shielding Scents with Sacred Geometry

In the heart of this enchanting mist lies a dance of scents: Lavandin Grosso, Scots Pine, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary:
a harmonious composition woven to cocoon you in a protective embrace.

Picture yourself in a sacred grove, where Lavandin Grosso whispers its calming secrets, guiding you to a space of serenity.
Feel the gentle strength of Scots Pine as it weaves through the air, imparting a sense of grounding, like the roots of an ancient tree.
Eucalyptus arrives as a cool breeze, clearing the path ahead, lifting your spirits, and enveloping you in a cloak of invigorating freshness.
Rosemary, with its herbaceous charm, dances with memories of clarity, bestowing upon you a mental sanctuary.

As you spray, envision a shield of light unfurling, each droplet carrying not just the essence of these oils but the intention to protect and uplift.
Lavandin Grosso’s gentle touch cradles your senses, while Scots Pine stands sentinel, a guardian of your tranquility.

Eucalyptus weaves a veil of purity, an ethereal shield against the mundane, while Rosemary, the keeper of wisdom, wraps you in a cloak of mental fortitude.
Together, they choreograph a ballet of protection, a fragrant shield that moves with you.

Let the symphony of scents play on your skin, an aromatic poem inscribed with the sacred geometry of Janosh. 

The Code Protection, a sacred sigil, amplifies the resonance, infusing each mist with an extra layer of cosmic safeguarding.

This mist is more than a fragrance; it’s a ritual,a dance of protection that unfolds around you, creating a haven wherever you go. 

Spritz into your aura, and feel the layers of this aromatic symphony settle around you. It’s not just a scent; it’s a tale of protection, a love song sung by nature itself. 

Elevate your senses, shield your spirit, and let the empowering fragrance of Protection guide you into a sanctuary of serenity.

TIP: Spray yourself and or your space before meditating with the Activations.

Hold the spray over your head and close your eyes. Spray 2 to 3 times in circles in the auric field. Hold your breath for a few seconds while doing this and feel how the frequency changes within you.

The spray comes in a special bottle made of Miron Violet Glass.
This high-quality glass has the following advantages:

Light protection: blocks harmful visible light.

  • Light protection: blocks harmful visible light.
  • UV protection: inhibits the growth of microorganisms and promotes spray shelf life and quality.
  • Energy conservation: retains the energetic vibrations of substances.

Adults: use the sprays every four hours and a total of three to four times a day.
Children 4 years and older: use the sprays no more than once a day, preferably in the morning.
Children under 4 years of age: use only in areas, not on the body.

Energy Sprays are not intended to be ingested.

What are the ingredients of the Energy Sprays?
Our Energy Spray is composed of 100% natural, essential oils carefully selected for their purity and healing properties. We use only the finest ingredients to provide a powerful and effective spray.

How exactly does the Energy Spray work to increase my frequency?
The Energy Spray is specially designed to activate the frequency in the auric field around your body to a higher vibration. This happens through the combination of oils and the charged Sacred Geometry frequency. It helps you feel protected and balanced, and promotes spiritual growth and deeper consciousness.

Is the Energy Spray safe for use on my body and in my environment?
Yes, the Energy Spray is safe for use on your body and in your environment.
We use only natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals.
However, it is advisable to always check the ingredient list before use, especially if you are sensitive to certain substances.

Can I use the Energy Spray on a regular basis?
Adults: use the spray every four hours and a total of three to four times a day.
Children 4 years and older: use the spray no more than once a day, preferably in the morning.
Children under 4 years of age: use only for spaces, not for the body.

To experience long-lasting effects, we recommend using the Energy Spray regularly as part of your daily routine or whenever you feel the need for increased frequency.

I am skeptical about the effectiveness of energetic products.
Although there are limited scientific studies on energetic products, many people believe they have positive effects on the body’s well-being and energy. Our Energy Spray is designed with attention to the principles of energetic balance and is backed by positive experiences from satisfied customers.

I have already tried other methods to increase my frequency and they have not worked. Why would the Energy Spray be any different?
What makes the Energy Spray different is the unique combination of naturally pure oils and charged sacred geometery frequencies specifically designed to raise your frequency. The sprays are generally designed to activate your auric field and positively affect your energy. Although experiences may vary from person to person, many people have reported positive results after using our Energy Sprays.

I am afraid that the Energy Spray is only a temporary solution and my frequency will drop again once I stop using it.
It is understandable that you are looking for long-term results. While the Energy Spray may indeed have a temporary effect, regular use can help you achieve and maintain a more balanced frequency.
It can be a valuable part of your daily routine to keep your energy balanced.
You can also explore other methods and practices that can support you in maintaining an increased frequency, such as meditation, breathing exercises and positive affirmations.

You can find all the information on this at

I have sensitive skin/allergies. Is the Energy Spray suitable for my skin type?
We understand your concern, especially if you have sensitive skin.
Although the Energy Spray is made from naturally pure ingredients, it is important to check the ingredient list carefully to identify any allergens or irritants.
When in doubt, use the Spray only for in space and not on your skin ( same as for children under 4 years old).

Content: 100 ml


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