Unleash the power of The Energy Sprays in a convenient roll-on form!

This little companion is your secret weapon, ready to invigorate your senses at any moment. Glide it onto your left wrist and let the magic unfold as you blend the essence onto both wrists when rubbing them together.

Feel the subtle yet profound influence on your energy field, a burst of vitality at your fingertips.

Elevate your surroundings, elevate yourself:  it’s the essential touch for vibrant energy wherever you go.

Silence Spray: A Journey to Inner Calm

In the realm of Silence Spray, a tranquil journey awaits.
Imagine it as a potion, a potion crafted from the finest essences of Lavender, Clary Sage, Bergamot Leaf, Ylang Ylang, and Green Mandarin.

The oil comes in a special bottle made of Miron Violet Glass.
This high-quality glass has the following advantages:

Light protection: blocks harmful visible light.

  • Light protection: blocks harmful visible light.
  • UV protection: inhibits the growth of microorganisms and promotes spray shelf life and quality.
  • Energy conservation: retains the energetic vibrations of substances.

Content: 10 ml



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