Energy water bottle

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A beautiful glass bottle that increases the energy of water, so that the water you drink not only tastes purer, but will also have a positive influence on your energy, emotions and health.

Water and vibration
Water carries information and we can influence this information. Actually, we do that all the time, because while you’re reading this, you’re reading with water. That sounds crazy, but it’s true. A human eye contains 95% water. The brain consists of more than 75% water. Our heart, blood, lungs, liver… our entire body consists of 70% water. All that water has to be replenished again and again. The only question is: what water do you use?

Love yourself just as much as you love your loved ones. Sometimes it means setting boundaries. It’s okay to say “no” every now and then and claim your own space.

Content: 700 ml
Material: glass

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How does the Energy Bottle work
All of Janosh’s geometric holograms have a silver code associated with them. This energetic code is a carrier of vibrations and has a harmonizing effect on the environment. Because the silver code is incorporated into the Energy Bottle, this bottle is an energetic tool for purifying water. Water from the tap does not have the natural vibration of spring water, because the molecular structure is unbalanced by modern purification systems (determined, among other things, by research by the Austrian scientist Viktor Schauberger). The water may be clean; it lacks energy.

The Energy Bottle restores the vitality of the water. Fill the bottle and let the water sit for 10 minutes. When you drink the water, you will not immediately taste anything, but you will feel it: the water is 100% pure and cleansing!


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