Transition pendant


The first Frequency Janosh ever created: TRANSITION

A special limited edition for the 20th anniversary.

The river stone has the silver code Transition on it.
The frequency of Transition gives you confidence and prepares you for new times.

The size of the pendant is approximately between 4 and 5 cm long and the width is between 2.5 and 3.5 cm.

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The Transition Frequency: A Short Story
One day, twenty years ago, in a world where cosmic wonders danced with earthly dreams, I found myself in the presence of the Arcturians. They were beings of radiant light, wise and ancient, and they carried the secrets of the universe within them. As I stood before them, a sense of familiarity washed over me. It was as if we had met in another time, another place. Little did I know that this encounter would become the catalyst for an extraordinary transformation.

In an instant, I was whisked away through time and space, transcending the boundaries of my mortal existence. I found myself back in my childhood, a young boy of three, playing in a sandbox. To my astonishment, I saw myself meticulously crafting crop circles in the sand, guided by my invisible friend, who turned out to be an Arcturian being. Together, we drew intricate patterns, weaving symbols of cosmic significance.

As we finished the first design, my newly remembered friend took my hand, and with a leap of faith, we jumped into the very center of the crop circle we had created. In an instant, we found ourselves soaring through the cosmos, journeying to far-off planets and distant galaxies. The colors of the universe dazzled my senses, and I felt a profound connection to the celestial energies that surrounded me.
My senses were awash with the euphoria of the unknown, and we emerged in a realm beyond comprehension. On this fantastical planet, bathed in the radiance of unknown constellations, the Arcturians became my cosmic teachers. They opened my mind to the mysteries of the universe – the secrets of planets, the sacred geometry that binds all creation, and the kaleidoscope of colors that painted the cosmos.

The Arcturians taught me the language of sacred geometry—the universal code that weaves through all creation. They revealed the power of each shape, symbol, and frequency, and I marveled at the interconnectedness of all things.

Time seemed to lose its meaning as I delved into the cosmic tapestry of knowledge. They unveiled wonders beyond my wildest dreams, and I drank in the wisdom like a thirsty traveler in a desert oasis. They whispered to me of my purpose, of the sacred frequencies that would ripple through time and space, igniting transformation, affirmations and mantra’s.
As our cosmic adventure came to an end, the Arcturians gently reminded me that I would forget the details of this extraordinary experience. They assured me that the memories of this extraordinary voyage would remain hidden within the depths of my subconscious , they would lie dormant within my soul, waiting to be awakened at the right moment.

I would forget the grandeur of the cosmic realm we had explored together, but they assured me that one day, in the fullness of time, they would return to rekindle the embers of this enchanting experience.And so, I returned to my earthly life, unaware of the cosmic wisdom that now resided within me. Yet, as the years passed, the memories began to stir.
Visions of sacred symbols and cosmic colors filled my dreams, and I felt a deep calling to share these revelations with the world.

It was then, twenty years ago, that the Arcturians kept their promise. They reawakened the dormant memories within me, igniting a spark of divine purpose. In that moment, I embraced my role as the alchemist in sneakers—an earthly conduit for the celestial frequencies I had encountered. With each stroke of my brush, I channeled the cosmic energies into intricate geometric designs. Each creation carried the essence of the Arcturians; teachings, inspiring others to explore the mysteries of the universe and the depths of their own souls.

As the alchemist in sneakers, I embarked on a lifelong journey of discovery and wonder. I continue to be enchanted by the cosmic dance that unfolds before me, forever connected to the Arcturians and the sacred frequencies they imparted. And so, this is the tale of how a chance encounter with the Arcturians transformed an ordinary man into an alchemist in sneakers. The magic of that cosmic voyage remains woven into the fabric of my being, guiding me on an eternal quest for truth, wisdom, and boundless wonder.

The first frequency was all about Transition. De frequency that was for me a big Reset, where everything started.

From heart to Heart,


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    The first Frequency Janosh ever created: TRANSITION

    A special limited edition for the 20th anniversary.

    Create your own temple
    Turn any room into a cosmic temple with the Transition frequency on the wall. This unique work of art not only contains an intriguing play of colorful pearls and patterns, but also has a special effect on both the viewer and the environment. The hidden geometry generates a vibrational frequency and gives you support during times of change, the frequency of Transition transmits confidence and prepares you for new times.

    Matt black and razor sharp
    You get the artwork in the highest quality. The colors are beautifully expressed on the full color print, making the artwork really come to life and all details can still be clearly seen even from a distance.

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